Monday, 31 March 2014

Zombie Apocalypse

ZOMBIES HAVE ATTACKED OUR WORLD! HAS ANYONE NOTICED?! ANYONE? NO? Of course you haven't! You're a bloody zombie too.

I totally had this internship right: 9-5 everyday, 5 days a week. I was a zombie too. Wake up, eat, work, eat,  watch tv, sleep - literally. Like you're so exhausted by the end of the day to even think straight. It's crazy and the more I think about it, the crazier it seems. 

Why does everyone spend their life doing this? I understand for those who LOVE their work but their is like a huge majority who just go around like a zombie and not even realizing how fast life passes by. I spent two months doing this and I didn't even realize when it was all over. I enjoyed what I was doing but honestly, that's not what I could be doing all my life. I want to truly LIVE: fulfill the actual purpose of my existence.

'22 tak padhai, 25 pe naukri, 26 pe chokri, 30 pe bacche, 60 pe retirement...aur phir maut ka intezaar...dhat aaisi ghisi piti life thodi jeena chahta hoon' - YJHD

English Translation
Study till 22, get a job at 25, marriage at 26, kids at 30, retirement at 60...and then wait for death. Who the hell wants to live like this?

Each to their own pal but I know what I'm going to do and in case do really attack zombies attack, I'm going to let them have it. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

BeCuz I'm Happy

It is a prevalent mindset that I have noticed quite a few times no doubt arising in West: if it's sad, it's better. This can apply to everything and anything - movies, book, songs and even dogs (makes it easier to convince people to adopt it). The fact is that most sad things make people equally sad. However, most happy things don't make all people equally happy. 

My aunt's friend's daughter's cat got a cold. I'm sad
Person 1: I'm sorry! It'll be okay.
Person 2: That's terrible. Did she take it to the vet?
Person 3: I remember when my uncle had a cold. It was awful. All that snot, sniffing, coughing...terrible! He died of a brain tumour then. (A.N: WHAT? That is so unrelated.)
Person 4: Oh poor animals! Curse the humans.

My point being that everyone is equally upset that my aunt's friend's daughter's cat has a cold. However, if I were to say:
That is funny. No? Made my day!
Person 1: Hilarious! Hahah! Can you breath through it! Classic!
Person 2: Ew You have such a dirty mind
Person 3: Agreed! That was sooo lame!
Person 4: You call that a joke.

See? No universal sadness. Jokes are either too funny; too lame; too dirty; too racist; too old; too obvious; mean; etc etc

Okay back to seriousness:
People love being sad. Honestly, no offence, but John Greene's The Fault in Our Stars is the single most unremarkable piece of literature I have read. Yet, it continues to top charts. Why? THE KID HAS CANCER HOW CAN WE EVER SAY THAT THE BOOK IS TERRIBLE? (note: sarcasm). It is as true as it gets. The sad films always get the Oscar, the books always top the bestseller lists, the songs always are on top of billboards...even comedians are given lesser credit than serious/sad/grim (+atrociously made) documentaries (sometimes not even those). Yes, the story is sad and I have deep respect for all the atrocities and unfairness faced by people in life but that doesn't necessarily mean that when that is converted in to commercialized media, any of its original sentiment is left. Badly written books are badly written books; sad or not.

It is a universal fact that, it's harder to pretend you're sad than to pretend you're happy. It is also, harder to make people laugh than to make people cry. SOME DUE CREDIT TO COMEDIANS HERE.

On a side note, HIMYM is ending. Let me go cry.

I'm out.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Formula 1 2014 - Australian Grand Prix

Formula 1 2014 started this friday and there was some intense racing at the first stop - Melbourne during the Australian Grand Prix. For all of you, who weren't able to watch this race, the result was such:-

          Driver's Championship          

 Constructor's Championship 

Friday and Saturday suited me so well. You see, I am a bit of a Hamilton supporter and boy, did he set the stage (or race, in this case): snatching up the pole position for himself during the practise sessions. However unfortunately, Sunday turned out to be a big disaster for him because as issues with his engine and gearbox forced him to retire after the 4th lap.

"I think I was driving on five cylinders," Hamilton told Britain's Sky television. "It's a bit unfortunate but that's racing."

You could see that he didn't want to go because even after being told to retire by his teammates whilst in his 3rd lap, he continued onto his next lap. Halfway through his lap, however, he realised that his engine wasn't going to help him through to the end. It was quite a disappointment.

One thing I won't deny however was that Hamilton or not, the race was quite eventful. Apart from, Hamilton, six times Championship winner Vettel had problems with his car. So much so that, he too retired after his fifth lap. Lotus racers had a bad time with their cars which gave away quickly during the race.

After the third race starting, Kobayashi crashed into Massa on the first turn retiring them both from the race. The investigation was to happen after the race and thankfully, Kobayashi has not been held responsible for the crash which, is said to have been caused by rear-brake failure.

And this is not of course not the end of all the action: after the race, there was another investigation into Daniel Ricciardo (who came second btw) who was suspected of not sticking to the fuel limit. When I had started writing this post, the investigation was still on going but sadly, it has been finalized and Ricciardo has been stripped of his title. Ugh.

Anyways, the race was great fun and the next one is in Malaysia on 30th and the preps are on 28th and 29th respectively. Catch you then!

Btw, what do you guys think of the new rules? I feel that it has made racing more competitive and so this year watching F1 is much more interesting that last year but do you think that the rules are unfair to the game? Leave your comments below! I'd love you know your thoughts. Till next time-

Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Correlation between Artists, Success and Batsh*t Craziness

What is the similarity between Carvaggio, Johnny Depp, Heath Ledger, Virginia Woolfe, Charles Dickens, Van Gogh and Helena Bonham Carter (etc.)? All these artists at one point or another have been perceived as crazy. They are also all super successful in their fields. 

Right you are!
I live really close to a Fashion Institute and today when I was passing by, I realised how boring the people coming out of it looked. That's why not all designers (even with degrees) are successful because the honest truth is they are not crazy enough!

What do I mean by crazy?
Having said that, it doesn't mean that all crazy people are artists or all successful artistes are crazy. When I say crazy I don't mean that these people are mad; what I mean is they are insane enough to do things are not in trend or the complete opposite of what normal people do. There has to be a certain madness to try out new things - to experiment.

Apart from that I think, artists enter this zone when working when they are all alone. They think of things in ways that no one has ever done before. That way people go like, 'OMG, No way dude! You're crazy!' so I suppose the craziness just progresses as they continue to work. I found this cool article on WiseGeek that you can take a look at if you want to know more.